Nowhere Collective


Nowhere is a young collective of artists, curators and writers, based nowhere but being here and now, at least temporarily. Reaching out from the depths of the post-graduation limbo, we came together to build a platform for contemporary art – an island carried on the waves of the internet, in a drift through the yet uncharted territory of art.

Living in the time of seemingly unlimited freedom, in fact brutally restricted by practical constraints, we decided to communicate our work primarily through an open zine – an alternative for the white cube tailored for the digital era. From time to time, our efforts will spontaneously materialise in the form of an exhibition, a debate, and others. We aspire to be more than a mere musée imaginaire by creating a (virtual) space for the development of new art projects, based on the principles of mobility and openness.

Members: Alicja Melzacka, Cira Huwald, Eline Kersten, Emile Hermans, and Miriam Sentler