Hannah Mevis


Hannah comes from somewhere and – most likely – will go somewhere else.
The peak of creativity was reached when eating a bug in the parents‘ garden.
The greatest success of work is when it occurs as nothing to the one, too intimate to the other, reminds someone of their birthday party, leads someone to decode into the child‘s mother tongue, builds a base for exchange and remains as a blurry memory of something that could be experienced through presence.
Often, she is not there but even if she is, it could be that her mind has taken her to another place, a new medium, an unknown circumstance of truths.


Hannah Mevis takes inspiration from the very organised nightshop Dupty. After different extensive visits, this resulted in a shared moment during the vernissage of the exhibition, where different ingredients found at this particular nightshop are mixed and matched into cocktails for the visitors to enjoy. This one-time event will find its way back to Dupty’s store.




Hannah Mevis haalt inspiratie uit de uiterst georganiseerde nachtwinkel Dupty. Na verschillende uitgebreide bezoeken, resulteerde dit in een gedeeld moment tijdens de vernissage van de tentoonstelling. Hierbij werden verschillende ingrediënten die in deze specifieke nachtwinkel te vinden zijn, door de bezoekers gemengd en gecombineerd tot cocktails. Dit eenmalige evenement zal zijn weg terug vinden naar de winkel van Dupty.