Zo 8 Maart – Zo 29 maart

Za 7 maart
Timmermansstraat 5

At a location where contemporary art seemingly occupies a peripheral position, this project is an attempt to re-think the exhibition as a medium. Bearing in mind the idea of “l’art pour l’art”, this will be “exposer pour exposer”: where the act of exhibiting is intrinsic to the exhibition itself, and its result autonomous.

This exhibition is in many ways of an ephemeral nature. It’s a balancing and research exercise on a double, crossing axis: ephemeron-material on the one hand, private-public on the other. Unfolded over different locations, combining very present physical works with nearly invisible interventions as well as performances and screenings, the exhibition will float in a spatiotemporal flux, constantly shifting positions on the above-mentioned axes. It challenges and stretches the persisting ideas of how we define the “exhibition space”, while looking at art and how it relates to the public sphere and society in general.

Free from Kafkaesque structures and institutional barriers, as a seed without a clear-cut conceptual DNA, it attempts to grow organically in a multitude of locations. Balancing from the very public, such as flag poles or facades, to the very private sphere, with residential spaces and everything in between. Just as with artist-run spaces and organisations, this project puts emphasis on bottom-up and DIY characteristics and initiatives within the art world.

Due to its ephemerality, documenting is a crucial factor within the project. In collaboration with Nowhere Collective, this exhibition will result in an online publication, which follows the creation process as well as the end results of this exhibition. Capturing the presentations and performances and adding artistic and art historical interpretations, it aims at making the fleetingness tangible.

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